Additional Options for

photo booth photos 

Provo Photo Booths

Custom designed backgrounds

If you are interested in including a little more personalization to ​your photo booth photos, we can custom create a background for you that can include overlay objects and a little more detail to make your photos tie in to your event for only $25

Picture frames

There are three different options for picture frames that can be purchased as gifts or favors for guests' photo booth photos.  All of the picture frames are for the 2x6 strips.  The full magnetic and acryllic stand up frames are $1.50 each and the flexible bookmark frames are $1.00 each.  

The scrapbook option comes with all of the materials needed for complete assembly.  Including a 12x12 book, black and designed paper, a variety of metallic markers for guests use and decorative stickers.  The on-site attendant will also fully assemble the scrapbook photos from the photo booth during the event and have it ready to be taken home at the end of the night.